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Passionate About Inspiring Others

For me, sales is a life-long passion. From my early days in a ‘boiler room’ environment in the Eternal City of Rome selling telecom services over the phone (and not being able to sit down until I’d made a sale … no joke) to my current role as founder of THE SALES TIGER Academy (leading sales and sales management training company), sales has been the one constant in my life.

My role has been to build a great company that is focused on one specific thing: to help salespeople embrace professionalism and great selling practices and to help businesses grow and improve their sales teams through inspiration, education and training.


  • Insights Executive Coaching and Training.

  • vLEC – Executive Coaching & Training.

  • Kenneth Smith.

  • Red Fox Blue.


  • Xerox European Channels Group Excellence Award.

  • SWAT Sales Web based Academy Training.

  • New Generation Sales.

  • A vd W Executive Training

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